What we offer

  • School

    Sexual health and relationships classes from grade 4-12 in schools in order for the adults of tomorrow to be healthy individuals and be in healthy relationships.
  • University

    Workshops on sexual health and relationships for students, because we want to open the floor to topics that will lead to healthier people and relationships.
  • Awareness

    Bringing awareness to topics we think are important through free events during the year.
  • Each month COMMA hosts an event on a topic we find important, the type of event varies in order for people with all interests to be interested to attend
  • Volunteer education

    Volunteers get their training by a team of professionals in order for us to make sure we all have the same education and high standards.
  • COMMA clinic

    COMMA is working hard to make the goal of the 1st clinic for survivors of sexual assault a reality. If you are interested in making this a reality sooner rather than later get involved and let us make this goal a reality.