• School

    Sexual health and relationships classes from grade 4-12 in schools in order for the adults of tomorrow to be healthy individuals and be in healthy relationships.
  • University

    Workshops on sexual health and relationships for students, because we want to open the floor to topics that will lead to healthier people and relationships.
  • Awareness

    Bringing awareness to topics we think are important through free events during the year.
  • Each month COMMA hosts an event on a topic we find important, the type of event varies in order for people with all interests to be interested to attend
  • Volunteer education

    Volunteers get their training by a team of professionals in order for us to make sure we all have the same education and high standards.
  • COMMA clinic

    COMMA is working hard to make the goal of the 1st clinic for survivors of sexual assault a reality. If you are interested in making this a reality sooner rather than later get involved and let us make this goal a reality.
  • The Theatre of the Oppressed

    It’s a participatory theatre practice created to empower participants, which is why we thought it was so perfect for our Women’s March campaign.
  • Living Library

    The Living Library is a tool that seeks to challenge prejudice and discrimination.
  • A path to healing

    A path to healing hosted by Robyn Marie Bors Veraar exploring the themes of domination and power-over as it manifests in societies, systems and even within individuals.
  • The Vagina Monologues

    The Vagina Monologues by Eve Ensler are stories told by women from all ages, from all over the world. Today it is interpreted globally and this year on its 20th anniversary also interpreted on a Romanian scene.
  • Ethical non-monogamy workshop, in an open and respectful manner.
  • Book club reading of The Handmaid's Tale part of the March monthly COMMA meeting. Get the book, read the book and join the discussion.
  • The good and the bad feminst

    Let´s talk about Feminism, what it means to be a good and bad feminist, and why it became word of the year in 2017.
  • A period of sharing event by COMMA, where menstrual pads/tampons were donated to orphanages and shelters in Cluj.