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22 January 2018
22 January 2018

COMMA offers free workshops on sexual health and relationships, with the aim to educate and empower men and women for their future relationships.

The workshops are thought by our trained volunteers and include a variety of activities depending on the topic at hand. There are 3 main topics that are being thought, healthy relationships, anatomy and physiology, and gender equality.

The 3 main topics, chosen are based on sucessful curiculums from around the world that have shown sucess in decreasing sexual assault for it´s participants, increase selfasteem and ultimately healthier individualas

Sexual health is more than what comes to mind, it deals with how you know and take care of your body, the education of how to prevent STIs and unwanted pregnancies, but also health promotion for regular pap smears.

Relationship education is important, because talking and knowing what you want and where your boundaries are helping in making the right decisions. Talking about consent is an important part of relationship education as it is a topic that falls in the grey area, because not everyone shows consent in the same way or knows it´s exact meaning. Relationship education is also important because we need a more inclusive education that includes not only the heterosexual relationships, but also those from the LGBT+, and those with disabilities of various kinds.

What we want to achieve

With our workshops we want to bring up topics for discussion that we normally don´t talk about, but should. Because educating and empowering women and men will lead to healthier people and relationships. We aim to decrease the high statistics of STIs, the sexual assault statistics, the unwanted pregnancies, the gender-based violence and increase gender equality