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22 January 2018

Sexual health and education classes are taught to children grades 4-12, by our trained volunteers based on our tailor-made curriculum.

Our curriculum is developed with the children's best in mind, both for the present and for the future. Our team of professionals including psychologists, doctors and lawyers together with us have created the curriculum just for COMMA.

The curiculum is based on 3 main topics, healthy relationships, human anatomy and physiology, and gender equality.

These main topics were chosen based on the study of the many curriculums already working and successful around the world, and then adapted to fit the Romanian culture.

The classes will be interactive with a smaller part being a presentation, workshop, discussion and debates. Because to truly change we want to teach the children critical thinking, so that they will go on and base their future decisions with a critical mindset.

Why sexual health and relationship education is necessary

Romanias legislation that has made sexual education an optional, and many schools have chosen not to push for them have lead to a Romania that is performing worse than the rest of the European countries. With Romania's high teenage pregnancies, high unwanted pregnancies and abortions, high deaths due to cervical cancer, high amounts of new AIDS cases, we must make a sustainable change.