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About our team

Together with our volunteers COMMA is also made up out of 3 founders and a group of professionals that help educate the volunteers so that we can offer the best quality of health and education during our workshops, online counseling and sexual health and education classes.

Beatrice Anne-Mary


Apart from being the founder of COMMA Beatrice is also a medical student that saw an area of the medical field that was missing and decided to do something about it and started COMMA, with the goal to open a clinic for sexually assaulted women.

Beatrice always had a passion for human rights, activism and opening a clinic in the future to help with sexual health issues was a goal she had for many years. But in late 2016 she encountered the issue of sexual assault first hand with women confiding in her about the trauma and how they never sought help or told anyone, and this is how the decision came that maybe in the future was too long to wait for the clinic.

Timon A.


Timon is a bussiness developer from Belgium that also works half the time in Cluj. He became interested in human rights and activism while attending a event in Cluj, and made the decision to become more involved and joined COMMA. By working towards a more male inclusive NGO he believes COMMA will be able to change sexual health and relationships in Cluj for the better

I believe that what we are doing with COMMA is so crucial that we will be able to see a real result in the next generation already.

Joel S.


Joel is a medical student with more life life passions that one can count, which lead him to get involved with the planning and launching of COMMA. Through his support and dedication to the work and goals, COMMA was able to move forward with its work. Joel is highly dedicated and does not rest until the goal is reached, which makes him an important asset to the COMMA team. .

I believe that true change comes from taking actions not just by those affected but by everyone.