Through a one time donation or a membership donation you are helping COMMA´s work. We work only through private donations making it possible for us to stand for and only work on projects that are important to us and you.

COMMA s a nonprofit organization, which means that, if any money is left over after our yearly activity we will not distribute it among our board members. All the money is kept for COMMA´s activity and the people we are working to help.

- not for profit
- not politicaly afiliated
- not religiously bound

Donation options

We have several donation options, so that you can find a option that suits you the best

Intrebari frecvente

Can I donate more per year?
Of course, if you contact us we can help you with a personalized plan if youd like. Or for a one time donation, you can choose any amount.
Can bussiness donate?
Yes, you can contact us and we can establish a plan that fits your specific bussiness.
Will you ever take more per year?
Never, the membership payments are only taken once per year
Can I donate my 2%
Yes, you can find the form to fill out on our website


Pentru intrebari


(0040) 754 259 446

If you have any other questions regarding donations or an issue, feel free to contact us