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Oferim workshopuri si prezentari pentru copii si studenti despre subiecte precum educatia sexuala si relationala.

Ce face COMMA?

Centru COMMA

Nu vrem sa vedem cum victimele sunt reduse doar la o simpla virgula


Prietena de sprijin

If you need someone there

We have a team of trained women that are here to be there for you when you need someone. They are trained to guide you through this difficult time.


Support group

Lead by a psychologist

Bi-weekly meetings lead by a psychologists that are free and anonymous. Where you will be with other women that have taken the brave step towards healing


Medical and legal

Doctors, nurses and lawyers

That are here for you and the questions you might have, because you should be prepared to make the right decision for you.

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Centru COMMA
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telephone: +40 754 259 446

e-mail: info@wearecomma.ro